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This page records the history of the Olia family & descendant

Here we record the history of our family


Our Grandparents Goolabai & Bejonji Pestonji Olia

Bejonji was an Engine Driver who came to Jhansi, lured by the romance of driving railway engines. He was transferred to various places in and around Jhansi, as can be noticed, from the children born in various places like Kanpur, Guna, Bina, Jhansi etc.

Fond of animals especially dogs and the family always had pets, music and sports to keep them busy. He built two palatial houses in Sipri Bazar, sold off one after a few years and the other one was given on rent for years to the local Post office. This house survived and Pesi Uncle lives in it now. A daring entrepreneur, who also started the Singer sewing machine company in Guna & Jhansi which was managed by his eldest son Jehangir.

Photo above of the pet dogs are Tommy on a chair & Robbin on the ground.

The family I belong to

According to stories by our elders, Bejonji Pestonji Olia came to Jhansi as a young boy of around 20 years to follow his dream of driving railway engines.

He was born into a very rich family in Sanjan, the father had huge farms, estates & business in Sanjan & Navsari, but after his mothers death, his father married again, quiet normal in those days. The step mother and Bejonji did not see eye to eye & he told his father to just get his only sister Goolu married and soon after her marriage he left, came to Jhansi and started work in the railways.

After a few years he married Gool bai Shroff, whose family had come from Morena. Life was tough, driving coal fired railway engines, but they managed magnificently. A few children were born and the family lived contentedly and happily. The trails and tribulations were endless. The boys excelled in sports and the family was good at playing music too.

The step mother side of Bejonji’s family never mixed much with our main stream family, probably due to distance of Jhansi & Sanjan/Navsari, except on special family festive occasions. They supposedly inherited large estates & properties from their father, and by rights Bejonji being the eldest son had first rights to, but he never asked for his share.

In our family it is an unwritten rule that if an elder decides something it is never questioned, you just follow it. Like it or not. Normally decisions are also not taken in anger or haste, but self respect and honour for truth & the other person, are very high on the list. In later years they had some hard times but respecting Bejonji s decision, none of the sons ever went for assistance to their step uncles, even though they had, later on, very good relations with their uncles.

The spirit of adventure, to try everything, but above all stay together as a family is so deeply engrained, it is unbelievable. The respect, love, and affections the sons and daughters have for each other is another “missal” example to be exemplified. We are proud to have been born into this family.

A few records on our elders:

Goolbai’s parents were Jerbai & Jamshedjee Bhagal. Her father migrated from Morena & worked in the Railway workshop in Jhansi and on retiring moved to Bhusaval.

Bejonji had step brothers Phirozshah, Nariman & Rustomjee. All deceased now.

The family elders on Bejonji & Goolbai family are as follows:

Goolbai’s sisters:

Sister Dhun married to Rustomji Bhagal, no children but had a step son.

Sister Rata married to Phiroze Saklatwala and chidren named Homi, Sam, Pesi & Sarosh.

Sister Tehmina, married Ardeshir Wadia & lived in Igatpuri and children named Rusi, Daulat, Perin, Savak, Homi, Adi, Kersi.

Sister Dina had two daughters Sheramai & Mehramai. (Mehramai had two children Ratan & Freny. Freny is married to Filly Boyce)

Goolbai’s brothers:

Barjor, worked as an Engine Driver & died a bachelor. After retirement opened a general store in Sipri Bazaar Jhansi, near Vijay Medical Store is now.

Sohrab also a Driver had son Keki (died a bachelor) & daughter Shirin married into the Sattin family.

Kaikhushru, an Engine Driver & his wife Cooverbai.

Bejonji & Gooljis’ children:

Daughter Amee died at early age as a child around 12 years.

Son Jehangir born in Guna passed away in Bombay, after poison spread in his body from an insect bite. He was very enterprising & fond of photography

Daugher Jai married to Dosabhai Sheriariarjee Elavia. She passed away at early age in 1962. Her children are Dolly, twin boys Adi & Akki, Jhangoo & Filly.

Son Cawas born in Barkhera. Married to Sheroo children Anno & Dara.

Daughter Mani born in Jui, married late Kaku Bhagat & her children are Jimmy, Zerin, Minoo, Hunsu & Rosy.

Son Dali married Seroo children late Rona, Zenobia & Percy.

Son Keki born in Kanpur, 21 Nov 1921 died 11 Nov 2006 married Rati & their sons are Firoz & Farokh.

Daughter Daulat born Bina, married late Darabshaw Amroliwala, stepson Dhunji.

Son Pesi born Bina & living in Jhansi, a bachelor.

Music was in the family

The family was very music focussed and almost everyone played an instrument and they had a mini orchestra. This was the time when there were no radios, television had not been invented and people at the time never even dreamt of any DVD,s & ipods.

From the left are Mani, Goolabai on the piano, Pesi on the mouth-organ, Jai on the violin & Daulat.

Bejonji Pestonji Olia family portrait – Original Founding parents

This is one of the rare original photos of the Family of Bejonji & Goolabai Pestonji Olia (Our Paternal grandparents).

Standing from left: Kersi (Kaku) Bhagat , Keki Pestonji, Dali Pestonji, Jehangir Pestonji & Faram Bhagat.
Seated are from left: Bejonji Pestonji, Mani Bhagat (In arms is Jimmy) Goolabai Pestonji, baby girl is Dolly, Jaijee Elavia & Dosabhai Elavia.
On ground from left: Daulat Pestonji, Pesi Pestonji & their cousin Mehroo.

Photo 2: Family Elders January 2005 My father Keki, aunt Mani, Mum Rati, Daulat Amroliwala & Pesi. This photo taken on 25 January 2005, shows the family elders at the time. Cawas uncle is not in the photos.

PESTONJI –  Jehangir Bejonji

Jehangir was Goolabai & Bejonjis eldest son & was a great disciplinarian, according to my father. Here the photo seems to be of him ready to pedal away on his favorite bike to play some sport, probably hockey, judging by the uniform. Notice the large headlight on the handlebar. Nostalgically and ironically

Unfortunately during a family holiday trip to Bombay, when staying in the Petit sanatorium in Cumbala hill, he was bitten by a poisonous insect on the hand, but instead of going to the doctor or hospital they delayed the Doctors visit till the morning, but the poison spread and killed him.

He along with his father managed the Singer sewing machine dealership in Jhansi which later on was bought over by Dinshaw Patel and his son Nowzer managed it till almost the early part of this century.

Discussing past family stories we hear from surviving elders that a lot of the major family decisions were taken by Jehangirjee, even concerning his brothers and sisters, so he must have been a very responsible and respected elder brother


Cawas was the eldest surviving son of Goolbai & Bejonji Olia. His Elder siblings like Jehangirjee, Amiee & Jaijee, all passed away much earlier then him. So in effect he was the chief of the family for a very long time. From the time we have known him, he was always a quietly spoken, gentle person. In older age his passion was playing cards with his nephews and nieces and his house in Grant Road was a central meeting point for over 30 years to the family members

He, like his father started his railway services as a fireman and graduated to the Senior Engine driver position. He started on steam engines & finished his career on the same, just as Diesel engines were beginning to come into the Indian Railways. Apart from being an engine driver and a sportsman par compare, he was an excellent cook like all of his brothers & it would not be remiss to note the brothers all could cook as good as any family female, or better.

He had a great expertise in making jams, pickles & other savouries at home, himself. His nickname was “pavli” or 25 paise or ¼ of a Rupee, as he was fond of collecting them in glass jars. He was also instrumental in teaching me to ride a scooter, so we have very fond memories of him & his wife Shera- a wonderful fun loving and ever helpful woman, I have yet to meet in my life to compare with her. She was the senior matriarch of the family and looked after all of us cousins and the other brothers and sisters children, also as her own.

If there was a family event or function, she would be in the lead to assist, no questions asked. Her unselfish assistance to all, will always be fresh in our minds. A wonderful person

Shera & Cawas have a daughter Anno & son Dara, both very popular persons in their own rights. Both were exemplary sportspersons in their youth & in fact, Dara’s record for High jump still stands in Christ the King High school even today.

After leaving Jhansi for Bombay in the late 60s Anno worked for a while & then settled into a married life with Yezdi Edelbehram who was a successful interior decorator & civil construction businessman. They have only a daughter Natasha, a fun loving lively person like her grandmother & mother. Natasha is married to Adel Sethna & their son is named Janish

Dara after leaving Jhansi also came to Bombay, like most cousins started life by living with Daulat & Darab Amroliawala, our aunt and uncle & worked in a few companies like Johnson tiles etc before settling in to Godrej & Boyce in the forklift division earlier in manufacturing & later int the service department. He took voluntary retirement around 2005 to look after his ailing father & around 2006 he moved to Chikalwadi Parsi colony where he resides with his wife Jasmin, a trained and professional Beautician, also retired now.

They have only a son – Marzban popularly known as Marzi, is a professional dancer and is a leading exponent with Shiamak Davar’s group. He teaches dancing to people and also has been instrumental in a lot of dancing projects in popular Bollywood movies, and many a film star was tutored by him. He was also involved in the closing theme of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne where he performed with famous Bollywood film stars.

He is married to Kash, in December 2006, also a Shiamak Davar dancer group member & teacher, husband and wife both travel often overseas for performances and especially to Canada


Dali Pestonji –born on 4 September, the third son of Bejonji & Goolbai Olia, like his father and elder brother Cawas was also in the Indian Railways & started as a fireman to reach the position of senior Engine driver.

His personality was totally opposite to his elder brothers. A very jolly person, always laughing and almost never serious in his antics, he probably taught us much of life and how not to get too carried away and be down to earth. An exceptionally brilliant cricketer also and his younger son Percy almost reached the Ranji trophy selection for Bombay cricket team

Dolly baba or DB- As Dali was fondly called by all was probably the disciplinarian of the family along with Pesi, his younger brother. All the nephews and nieces were in awe of him. He was an expert mechanic also and knew all about cars and motorcycles also. You could ask him any technical question & he would guide you. A very simple person, who would always, go out of his way to assist others. Dali passed away on 22 August 2000

Late Rona Pestonji son of Shera & late Dali B Pestonji, my cousin and a great fun guy, so jolly if he was around  ,there would be no gloomy moment. He worked in Bombay for years before  leaving fro  Tehran during Shah of Irans times and only left after the Islamic revolution of 1979 & we were regaled by his stories of Tehran.

A truly free-spirited person, with no malice or hatred or bad word for anyone, but there would be no serious moment, with him around. Rona was married to Vahbiz in Tehran times, later separated. Then in Bombay, he married Gulcher & their son is Jimmy, who works for J B Morgan in Mumbai. Rona passed away under tragic circumstances around 1991

From left:  Roozbeh & Khuscher Bharda, Danish & Diler Rustamji & son Shayan, Zenobia & Adil Bharucha
Zeus Graduates Pre-Primary in March 2011
From left:  Khushru, Diler with son Shayan, Hanuz with son Zeus in hand, Roozbeh and Jimmy in front. Back row from left Poru, Danish, Delna, Khuscher.

Pestonji – Keki Bejonji

Born on 21 November 1921 in Kanpur, our Dad was a debonair, suave person. For his friend’s he was plain Keki or KB.

His love for sports was legendary specially Cricket, Hockey, Billiards, table tennis, swimming etc. He was also a musician par excellence and his playing the mouth organ even when in his seventies was meticulous and very joyful. We were regaled with stories of their early childhood & teenage days. There were numerous stories of them and cricket and the maharajas who were equally fanatic for sports during the British period .The influence of his father and elder brother Jehangir ji was evident all the times in his discussions…

He married Rati Sukhasvala of Bulsar on 26 December 1959 & has two sons Firoz & Farokh. Firoz is in Perth Western Australia & Farokh is in Jhansi, an active member of the community amongst Parsis and other friends also. Starting life in various vocations Keki joined the then Indian Provincial Railways as a guard which work he really enjoyed, till due to his failing eye sight and colour dis co-ordination he was transferred to the Telephone department where he served for years and retired in 1979 as senior telephone operator. In those days of primary telephone systems, all communications went through their department in the Railways and Jhansi was a very important Railway section .

We remember Dad being called out even in late nights by the Parsis, in case of a family tragedy, to relay the news to other family members in Mumbai.

After retirement he lived in Jhansi, taking vacations to Bombay, to Ooty, Kashmir, Bulsar, Navsari, etc & to Perth, Australia. A helpful person, who was very gentle in his manner, never spoke harshly of others and taught us to tolerate all types of people as they were, remembered on his deathbed by lots of older people of his time who came to visit him frequently and keep his spirits up. He left us for his heavenly abode on Daep-din Roj Mah Tir 1386 on 11 November 2006.

On left is the house that our Mum & dad built for us, after purchasing it from a Bengali family around 1970. We moved into the house around May 1971. One morning, a truck came, courtesy of Pesi Uncles

influence, around to our railway quarters, the furniture was transported to the new house & we began a new life. The block painting style was my design from my Engineering days around 1979. Farokh my brother can be seen holding Arzan- like a Jhansi (a shadow in the center) this picture is probably around 1994, & a lot of changes have been done to the building since. We have very many fond memories of this home.

Originally my Dad & Uncle Dosu had gone visiting Dhun Dick to purchase some hens, when she mentioned the house was for sale, so my Dad & uncle went and saw it, liked it and later on Dad bought it. A lot of additions were done before we moved in. There were no water lines and around 1973, the local municipality supplied drinking water lines and the whole colony tapped onto the main line.

The first water flow was blessed by my mother, in the traditional manner with milk and water pouring out of the tap. Basic amenities were slow in coming and before the tap water came our servants had to pull water out of the 2 nearby wells & carry it to our house. Asso & Munna are our family servers for decades & have served us very diligently and loyally nonstop for over 38 years now.

Pestonji Family – Firoz Keki

What I am today and will be in the future is all – Thanks to the Grace of Ahura Mazda & His Blessings.

Good things come in threes for me. I have only ever lived in three cities in my life -Jhansi, Bombay & Perth. Three very dear friends are still in Jhansi & Delhi. We have three children. Our House no is 3 & so on.

This photo combination below is in 1980.

Left is as Senior under Officer National Cadet Corps 2nd Battalion, Jhansi Division, center as budding Engineer & on right as Troop Leader of Bharat Scouts and Guides 2nd Group Central Railway Scouts & Guides Jhansi. Jhansi gave me a terrific opportunity and growth for the wider world later on. Studied only in St. Marks High School & Government Polytechnic Jhansi, photos below

Some highlights of my life

Initiated into the Zoroastrian religion

Joined the National Cadet Corps Junior Division

Selected to the rank of Commanding Sergeant Major

Passed high school in first division. Second top school scorer of the year

80 Joined Government polytechnic to study for Mechanical Engineering

Awarded Best scout trophy for all of Central railway. Won it again in 1978 also

Lead the All India Scouts & Guides Rally in Gorakhpur, leading the Central railway scouts

Attend All India NCC leadership camp, Panchmarhi, top150 cadets country wide only attend

Top scorer in Mechanical Engineering

Selected as Senior Under Officer of NCC Senior Division Govt Polytechnic

Selected to lead the Inaugural Republic Day march past in Jhansi 1980 for NCC contingent

Awarded the prestigious Presidents scout award & also top scorer in Mechanical Engineering

Join Godrej & Boyce refrigerator division as Junior Engineer till 1992 resign as Senior Maintenance Manager to migrate to Australia

Married Mahrukh Mistry of Wadia baug Mumbai

Started Mazda Enterprises- Company for Machinery & Forklift truck repairs & modifications

Our first child & only daughter Farzana born & we purchase flat in Gilder baug Andheri

Our first son Arzan born. Mazda Enterprises is a force to reckon in Forklift truck repairs

Migrate to Australia

Complete Engineering project in Newman, son Shazan born, start Taxi driving & business

Start & operate a small fleet of taxis

Formed Zoroastrian association of Western Australia

Founder committee member of Small charter vehicle association of Western Australia Inc

Purchase Perth Maxis, then start up various other companies

Start tour division – Aussie Perth Tours

President of Zoroastrian Association of WA Inc

Arzan won Achievement award for Year 7 on passing out in Year 7

First foray into properties in Perth

Elected President of Federation of Indian communities of West Australia

Our company moves to present city office

Elected Vice President of Australian- Indian Chamber of commerce Inc WA

Dad Passed on & we start work soon after to record this website

Shazan passed Yr 7 as School Captain, won Achievement award & 3 trophies & our daughter graduated as Chemical Engineer & Financial Manager

Mahrukh & Me & our children Shazan- Farzana  & Arzan .Family in front of the Taj mahal 2006

Some major events we participated in Perth

Doing Business in India Update – “Implications of the 2006 Indian Budget on Australian Investment” responded to the Indian Budget which was

announced on 28 February and sets out the country’s economic direction and the fiscal regime for the year ahead and outlines key foreign investment policies. The informative seminars provided an up-to-date insight on the.

status of the Indian economy and Australian investments in India, Indian foreign investment regulations, and key direct and indirect tax proposals.

The AIBC WA Chapter has recently joined the AIBC National Body. The Doing Business in India Update was their first official event under the new structure. From left, the committee: Phil Pestonji (Vice President), Sushma Paul (President), Farzana Pestonji Treasurer), and Graham T. Scarratt (Secretary).

Article in the national newspaper- The Australian

During visit of H R H The Prince of Wales Prince Charles to Perth in March 2005, with Olga Ramaswamy, Sushma Paul & Noel Jacobs at the Governors Residence

Awarded the Employer of the Year Award from M/s Julie Bishop, presently Federal Deputy Opposition Leader & at right with Ashok Kinariwala & then Premier (Chief Minister) of Western Australia Hon Geoff Gallop

The Four Musketeers

Billu Sharma, Sanjay Chaturvedi, Firoz Pestonji & Pradeep Pandey, the four of us spent our teenage years together in the Bharat Scouts & Guides –

Central Railway Division & NCC together and friends, with a terrific bond, respect, love for each other & have stayed so till date, even though each in different fields & pathways, successful in their own way, happy & content. Sanjay is the Jhansi District Scout master, Birender is a top Indian Railways officer in New Delhi & Pradeep is an Engine driver in Jhansi, like the old Parsis of Jhansi. Firoz is the creator of this web scheme & lives in Perth Western Australia, managing a tourism business…

Pestonji Family Elders & Firoz Pestonji’ S — Family 8 January 2006
Seated are Rati Pestonji, Late Keki B Pestonji, Mrs Mani Bhagat, Mrs Daulat Amroliwala & Mr Pesi Pestonji Standing behind are Arzan, Farzana, Shazan, Mahrukh & Firoz K Pestonji.
Phot right : 8 January 2006 Part family Photo at Shazans Navjote, Mumbai
Standing back: Dolly Merchant, Rony Dick, Zerin Dick, Jimmy Bhagat,Dimple Bhagat,Aban Bhagat, Arzan F Pestonji, Farzana F Pestonji, Farokh K Pestonji, Natasha Edelbehram, Shazan Pestonji, Mahrukh & Firoz K Pestonji, Farhad R Dick, Hanita Wadia, Goolnaz C Aibara, Dara C Pestonji
Sitting on chairs: Rati K Pestonji, Keki B Pestonji, Burzin F Pestonji, Mani K Bhagat, Daulat D Amroliwala, Anoo Y Edelbehram,
Sitting Front Row: jasmine D Pestonji, Katy M Bhagat, Minoo Bhagat with Teeyan in hand, Neville R Dick, Pesi B Pestonji, Astad D Wadia with Aarwan N Dick in lap, Kurush Minoo Bhagat, Yasmine F Dick, Firdosh D Wadia, Feringez Neville Dick


Daulat in her young days & now, her late husband Darabshah & step son Dhunji. Photo 5 with young Dara & Annoo Pestonji

Daulat was the baby of the family and had an enjoyable time in Jhansi. She later on married Darabshah Amroliwala, a wideower & an Engine driver based in Bombay who used to be on the newly started, Electric engines running between Bombay and Pune before he retired.

As young children we used to visit them at the Railway colony in Byculla & when he was driving the train, it was fun to watch him from the house balcony taking the train in front of us and we would be waiving madly to him and he would toot the loud horn of the engine.

Darab Amroliwala passed away a few years back and is survived by Daulat & his son Dhunji. They live in Bharucha Baug Andheri Mumbai


Kaikhushru & Coverbai’s Bhagats children were:

Son Tehmuras, ex British army world war veteran died a bachelor in Jhansi. A very quiet gentle dignified person.

Son Kersi, (Kaku) an Engine driver, married to Mani children Jimmy, Zerin, Minoo, Hunsu & Rosy.

Son Faram, was a Regional Transport Officer and died a bachelor in Jhansi.

Son Rustom, lived in Kanpur and died a bachelor.

Daughter Banu, married Savak Engineer and had a son Adi, who was married to Dina & their sons Burjor & Percy.

Daughter Jeeno, married Bejonji in Bombay.

Daughter Nergish, married Hormusjee Engineer and their children Dosu, Katy, Homai, Jeena.

Kersi Bhagat

Kersi (Kaku) Bhagat, my paternal uncle was a jolly fun-loving person and was an Engine driver of the old school. A short-statured person, always full of mirth. You can see his photos in many of the family groupings.

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Kersi (Kaku) Bhagat, my paternal uncle was a jolly fun loving person and was an Engine driver of the old school.  A short statured person, always full of mirth. You can see his photos in many of the family groupings.

Kersi/Kaku married to Mani and their children are:

Son Jimmy married to Aban and children late Roshni, Dinaz & Dimple, Jimmy was Engine driver in Jhansi, retired and is settled in Godrej baug Mumbai.

Daughter Zerin married to Rony Dick & children are Neville, Goolnaz & Farhad, she was a teacher in Jhansi , retired – now settled in Bharucha baug Mumbai.

Son Minoo married to Katy, worked in Tehran, Abu Dhabi & various places including London Pilsner,Bombay and his son is Kurush, settled in Mumbai.

Daughter Hanita married late Dadabhoy Wadia of Daman sons Firdosh & Astad, settled now in Daman.

Daughter Rosy married to Jimmy Rustomjee, daughter Arnaz settled now in New York.

Kaku Bhagat takes a special train out, Mani Bhagat in her teens.
Family gathering for Mani B Olias Engagement 1930. Picture of Mani (3rd from the right), with a cross on it, the picture was taken 17 January 1933.

Rustam Bhagat, a famous and strong personality in his times, lived later on in Kanpur all alone , as was not married, like 2 of his other brothers Tehmura”s who was in the army & had taken active part during the World war 2 & Faram who was with the regional Transport department .On his passing away his dead body had to be brought over to Jhansi where he is buried in the local Aramgarh

Photo 1: Pesi Pestonji, Rustam Bhagat, Dhunji Anklesaria & others Photo 2: Rustam Bhagat.
Photo 3 Year appr 1970, photo shows Firoz Pestonji, Mani Bhagat & Roshni in arms & Aban s mother & Aban Bhagat

Photo 1 Departing from Jhansi, photo taken on railway station,
Standing behind from left : Filly Boyce, Aban & Jimmy Bhagat & their late daughter Roshni & Rony Dick.
Sitting from left: Freny Boyce, Neville Dick, Rosy Rustomji with daughter Arnaz on lap trying to run away, Dimple Bhagat, Mani Bhagat, Goolnaz R Dick, Zerin R Dick with Farhad on lap & Dinaz J Bhagat

Photo 2 Picnic Day out at the famous Narayan Baug
Katy Guzdar, Kersie Guzdar, Jimmy Bhagat, Aban Bhagat, Mani Bhagat, Rosy Rustomji, Zerin Dick, children on the lawn are Neville Dick, (Roshni Bhagat & Dinaz Bhagat in the back row), Goolnaz Dick, Dimple Bhagat & Farhad Dick

Picture: Mani Bhagat with all ten of her grandchildren 1993, From Top Left to Right: Dinaz Bhagat, Neville Dick, Gulnaz Dick, Mani Bhagat, Arnaz Rustomji, Dimple Bhagat, Farhad Dick & late Roshni Bhagat. Bottom Left to Right (little boys) Kurush Bhagat, Ashtad Wadia, and Firdosh Wadia

Photo 2: Photo from Rosy Bhagat and Jimmy Rustomji’s Wedding Day. From Left to Right: Lily Nadirshah, (behind) Anoo Edalbehram, Anoo Ardeshir, Zerin Dick, Panoo Dick (Ron’s sister), and Keku Bhagat

Photo of handwritten letter from grandmother to her granddaughter – Mani Bhagat to Arnaz – recollecting family history

Photo 1: Photo shows Part of the family gathering- Of Pestonji’s, Elavia’s, Bhagat’s, Rustomjee’s, Wadias & Bharucha’s
Photo 2: 1979 Jhansi, From Top Left to Right: Katy & Kersie Guzdar, Jummy & Aban Bhagat, Mani Bhagat, Rosy Rustomji, Zerin Dick & children on the ground.

Below is a school history project report, prepared by Arnaz Jimmy Rustoomjee in New York USA on her family

Jimmy K Bhagat Family

Photo 1: Jimmy Bhagat as a young man.

Photo 2: Daughter Dimple, wife Aban, mother Mani & Jimmy.

Photo 3 Aban & Jimmy Bhagat’s family with daughters Dinaz, Dimple & Roshni, around 1980.

Photos 4 to 6 – Jimmy’s daughters from left Late Roshni, Dinaz & Dimple

Jimmy Bhagat is one of our eldest cousins. He is and always has been a very quiet, dignified and sober person, with a dry wit and humorous side to his personality, when in full steam is terrific. He worked as an engine driver following in the illustrious footsteps of his father & both grandfathers. He has been a rock for the family, a quiet, unassuming person, always ready to assist and ready to sign off our cousins, nephew and nieces for their weddings. Literally he must have witnessed the most weddings in our family, shows the high trust we have in him.

Jimmy is married to Aban, who hailed from Khar in Bombay. After retiring from the railways in Jhansi, he migrated to Bombay to be with his daughters. He lives in Godrej Baug, Mumbai. His daughters are: Late Roshni married to Major Zahl Tantra.

Dinaz married to Adil Bhamgara & has two daughters and lives in Nagpur. Their daughter’s names are Tunisha & Jia.Adil is a Mechanicla Engineer and has a senior Management post in a reputed Automobile company

Dimple the youngest lives with her parents in Godrej Baug, Mumbai & has been great contributor to this website & has a successful carrier in Bombay

Dinaz & Husband Adil Bhmgara & daughter Tunisa on her navjote.

Photo 2 Dinaz’s daughters Tunisa & Zia.

Photo 3 Zia

Photo 4 Major Zahl Tantra, Late Roshnis husband & Roshni.

Photo 5 Dimple Bhagat

Zerin Dick

Zerin worked her total working life as a teacher in St Marks School in the primary section and retired as Deputy Principal.

She is married to Rony Dick & has three children, all married now Rony was an engine driver and retired as senior driver and was awarded also. He is President of Jhansi Anjuman and did a lot for the association bringing in new life to a stagnant community. After retirement they now live in Bharucha baug Andheri Mumbai.

More on Zerin is under Rony Dicks heading below

Mahrukh Pestonji & Farhad Dick with his daughter Zahra.

Photo 2 Rony & Zerin Dick

Photo 3 Rony Zerin with grandsons Aarwan & Teyan

Photo 4: Zerin Ronys daughter Goolu & husband Cyrus Debarra & son Teyan.

Photo 5 Zerin with mother Mani

Son Neville in his teens & Neville’s son Aarwan 2008

Minoo K Bhagat

Minoo Bhagat in 2007, his wife Katy & Katy – Minoo on son Kurushs Navjote. Son Kurush

Minoo after finishing his studies in Jhansi went to Bombay looking for jobs and landed a few before he settled into the Central Bank of India. Then he migrated to Tehran, the mecca for all people to make money around July 1975 till 1979.

After the revolution, he returned back to India & joined London Pilsner, and rose to a senior Sales position. Again the middle east bug hit him and he went to Dubai for a few years, working with Coca-cola in Abu Dhabi & then returned back to Bombay and married Katy. They live on Princess street & have a son Kurush. Minoo lives a semi-retired life now, dabbling in finances & Katy works part-time

Kurush’s navjote photo
From left : Major Zahl Tantra, Dimple Bhagat, Aban Bhagat, behind in red sari is Dinaz, Mani Bhagat, Katy & Minoo Bhagat & Jimmy & daughter late Roshni. Kurush in middle front

Hanita Dara Wadia

From left: Hanita Wadia son Firdosh as a young boy & in 2007 & second son Aastad
Photo 5 Hunsu, Katy Mirza, Parveen, & Rosy Bhagat in Jhansi around the early 1970’s

Hansu the daughter of Mani & Kaku Bhagat, after studying in Jhansi taught in Jhansi at a private school before moving over to Bombay & then Tehran. After the revolution she moved back to Bombay and married Dadabhoy Wadia of Daman, who was working in Godrej & Boyce Mfg Company at Vikhroli, in the Forklift manufacturing division, at the time. Few years later she moved to Daman with her 2 sons Firdosh & Astad, and settled to a peaceful life.

Around 1992 she had the Navjote performed of both her sons and the family all gathered in Daman & had a great time, courtesy of Hunsu & Dara (As Dadbhoy was called). Unfortunately, after a few years, he passed away at an early age. He had been involved in the construction of buildings etc in Daman as a business activity. They own properties in Daman & also have their own liquor shop


Rosy married Jimmy Rustamji & on right with her daughter Arnaz & her husband Mike

Rosy as a young girl, on her Navjote & family after Holy Bath from left shows Sheroo Dali Pestonji, mother Mani, Rosy, Dolly Sheroo Cawas Pestonji & behind is Hoshang merchant
Rosy- very popular in the sports events of St Francis Convent, on the winning podium

Picture Left: 1977, Tehran, From Left to Right: Rosy Bhagat, Jimmy Rustomji, Dosu Engneer, Mino Bhagat
Picture Right: In Mumbai during Arnazs engagement to Mike February 2007, Standing from left : Jasmine Dara Pestonji, Zerin Dick behind is Firdosh Dara Wadia & his wife PArinaz, Rony Dick, hidden is Arnaz & Mike, Katy Minoo Bhagat, Rosy Rustamji, Goolnaz C Debara & behind is Kurush M Bhagat,,Hunsu D Wadia, Behind is Minoo Bhagat, Yasmin & Farhad Dick & Dimple & Aban Bhagat & behind is Jimmy Rustamji

Hello Firoz Uncle
We are back and just getting adjusted to everyday life after our trip to Jamaica. I will send some pictures along from the good ol’ days.
Anyways I have some pictures from our wedding in Jamaica which our photographer put together into a slideshow:
Michael and I also wrote a story about our fun-filled (and crazy) week so I have attached it here as well.
I hope you enjoy it. I will be in touch 🙂
Love Arnaz

Dosabhai Sheriarjee ELAVIA Family

Jaijei was Goolabai & Bejonjis daughter. She was married to Dosabhai Sheriaji Elavia, Mail Driver, central Railways stationed in Jhansi. Dosabhaoy Elavia, married to Jai ji Pestonji, our aunt was a terrific personality. He was always very well dressed, full of fun and mirth.

He was an engine driver also & an adventurous person by nature. A loving person, full of joy, a compulsive reader. He had a lovely red coloured Rajdoot motorcycle & before that, as per my father had an American-made -Indian motorcycle also.

They had a tonga of their own, which Jai ji used to ride with her young children. Early in life, in 1962- he lost his wife, and the children, still very young were very lovingly and carefully bought up by his eldest daughter Dolly. Naturally, all the brothers dote on their sister, even now. Times, as can be imagined, would have been harrowing for the young children and Dosu uncle, but there was no remorse for life, or any bitterness we ever saw in him or the children, my elder cousins, in fact, all of them are a great gang to be with.

Jai jee & friend

Jai jee & Dosu Elavias children are Daughter Dolly married to late Hoshang Merchant who worked in FA & CAO , Jhansi & sons Daraius & late Freddy

Twin sons Adi & Aki. Aki is married to Siloo & lives in Mumbai. Adi is married to Behroze & lives in Godrej baug Mumbai. He has a son & daughter.

Son Janghoo is married to Bapsy & their daughters are Dilnawaz & Dilkhush. Lives in Mazgaon Mumbai.

Son Filly is married to Vera & sons are Sharukh & Mahrzad living in Canada now.

The photo is of Jai ji’s wedding to Dosabhai Elavia. On her right is her sister Mani who later on married Kaku Bhagat, on the right is Jaloo, Amie Fanibundas daughter


Dolly had a tough time in her young days as her mother passed on suffering from cancer at an early age in 1962. She bravely took up the challenge of looking after her younger siblings, all boys, and brought them all up with love and care. Her father also never remarried and she took care of him also uptill many years after retirement he also passed on in Mumbai.

Dolly was married to the late Hoshang Merchant who worked in FA & CAO, Central Railway in Jhansi & later transferred to Mumbai where he retired as a Senior Auditor. Their sons Daraius & late Freddy Merchant also studied in Jhansi & then Agra where Hoshang was transferred also for a few years, before moving to Bombay. Darius completed his BA from Agra University in the first division. He joined Bombay Dyeing, then Mafatlals & then Indian Hotels (Taj hotel group)

Dolly was a teacher also and very fond of sports and excelled in various sports with the other Parsi girls of Jhansi specially Hockey & took part in various tournaments on behalf of the Railways teams

Daraius is married to Tina who also worked for the Taj group, but is a verymulti talented lady with not just being a great home maker, she is a Great look seamstress & teacher also. Darius is presently General Manager at Taj hotels in Ahmedabad. They have two sons – Sarfaraz & Yohann. Sarfarqz is a Advertising Marketting manager in Dubai & Yohann is still studying.

Dolly & Hoshangs second son–Freddy after finishing his ICSE from St Marks High school in Jhansi, also finished his B Com from Vartak college in Vasai. He was very fond of playing the guitar. After his studies he joined the Indian Army & served with the 4th Assam Regiment. He married Mina, his Colonels daughter. They have two beautiful daughters – Anahita & Riya. Freddy achieved the rank of a Major in his regiment. Mina has done MA English Honours & teaches in a school in Chandigarh & was also selected for further studies at UCLA in the USA.

In 1999 just before his regiment was to be transferred to the Kargil sector for active duties, Freddy lost his life in tragic circumstances in the Bhuj sector in Gujarat. A colorful military ceremonial send-off was accorded to him at the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Mumbai. His name and details are also mentioned in the book –Parsis of India

Dolly in 2009, in her early days, with late husband Hoshang during courtship & after marriage
Photo 5 standing on left Adi, Nadir Merchant & Erach Elavia. Photo 6 is Aban Bhagat with Dolly, Freddy & Roshni

Their Younger son late Captain Freddy Merchant & elder son Darayus.
Captain Freddy Merchant, photo 3 his wedding day with his brother Darayus & wife Tina & photo 4 – Freddys & Mina’s daughters Anahita & Riya
January 2009 in Andheri Mumbai – Dolly her Uncle Pesi & Aunt Daulat


Adi ELAVIA: Adi is a twin with his brother Akki & early in life he moved to Bombay like his other cousins. After many years of struggle Adi settled into married life with Siloo. He worked with the Taj hotel group and other places but presently works in Byculla on a semi retired mode. They have 2 sons – Neville married to Zenobia, working for Cipla & Neville is Project manager in NIIT, presently based in Hong Kong. Zenobia & Nevilles daughters are Vinizia & Khushi, still students.

Sillos second son is Jimmy, he is a Chartered Accountant and is married to Jenny, and working in Manchaster in the UK. They have 2 children Arzan & daughter Delisha, still young students

Erach (Akki) ELAVIA: Erach popularly known as Adi is a twin with his brother Adi. He worked for Schindia lifts & then for ECE. He is married to Behroze who hails from near Ooty.

They lived in Dubai for a long time where Erach worked for Gulf Elevators & then Asia Brown Boveri. Behroze was employed with Modern freights in Dubai .and then moved back to Bombay around 2004. Presently they live in Godrej baug in Mumbai & Adi & Behroze lead a semi-retired life…

Their son Bomi has done his MBA & employed with Barclays Bank & is married to Delara, who works for the Taj Hotel group. Erachs daughter is Baktavar, a very intelligent girl who was awarded a Gold medal in Year 12. After completing her studies she now works as a teacher.


Jhangoo is the 3rd son Of Jaiji & Dosabhai Elavia. He worked with the TATA group in Bombay. He is married to Bapsy Daruwalla who started her carrier as a teacher but now is in a corporate position in a prestigious hotel in Mumbai. They have two daughters Dilnavaz & Diljhush.

Both the girls are married.

Dilnavaz works for the State Bank of India & is married to Xerxes Buhariwala, who runs his own flourishing business for Goods forwarding & logistics. They have 2 children daughter Parinaz & son Kaiwan. Both are still studying and kaiwan excels in sports and is the Football captain also

Dilkush after her studies and working in Mumbai for a while, moved to Dubai working for Emirate towers as a Real Estate consultant. She is married to Khushroo Daboo, who also has a flourishing business for forklift trucks –repairs, renting, and logistics.

Young Jhangoo Photo 2 in 2007. Photo 3 with his wife Bapsy Photo 4 daughter Dilnawaz & photo 5 Younger daughter Dilkhush. 6 photos in August 2007 - Daughter Dilnawaz with husband Xerxes & daughter Parinaz & son Kaiwan. Photo 7 is Dikhush & husband Khushroo
Jhangoo & family visit the Petit Parsi Sanatorium; Behind are from left Neville R Dick, Jhangoo, Dolly Merchant & Dimpu Bhagat
Front are Firdosh Wadia, Dilnavaz, Bapsy & Dilkhush Elavia & Rony Dick


Filly in finished his studies in Jhansi and moved to Bombay .He worked with the Central Bank for a few years. He married Veera Patel, also employed with the bank. Later on they migrated to Dubai. Filly went on to work for Gulf Elevators & Veera worked with the Bank of Baroda.

They have two sons –Sharukh & Meherzad. In order to provide good higher education for his two sons, they migrated to Canada, where after a while they bought and are operating an upmarket Newsagency and gift shop in a popular shopping mall. Both the the sons are married now and settled in Canada. Sharukh is married to Jenny Konrawala, who originate from Kenya. Jenny works with Cisco systems in Canada & Sharukh works for Home Trust. Meherzad is employed as a HR manager in Canada & is married to Parizad Noshirwanjee , who hails from Delhi before they moved to Toronto Canada. Parizad works for the Dean Group in the HR department

Filly & Vera spend their time semi-retired between Bombay and Canada. When in Bombay they live in Andheri