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In this heading, we are recording some popular events in the lives of Jhansi Zoroastrians

Jhansi Hockey team in Lucknow

Sunday Religious Classes in Jhansi

Some of the Jhansi Parsi Anjuman Members Activitie

Photo is taken at a Sunday religious class & children’s activity day out in morning at the Jehangir Hall & Dharamsala.Standing left rear: Mrs Daruwala (in frock ) Mrs. Dolly Merchant, Mrs. Zerin Merchant, Mrs. Naju Patel, Master Neville Merchant, Mr. Dosu Elavia, Mr. Keki B. Pestonji, Mr. Adi Engineer and Mr. Behram Anklesaria.Standing front row: Starting from Young Boy in chequered shirt & 2 pockets, Farokh K. Pestonji, Fredy Merchant, Mrs. Zerin Dick, Miss.

KashmiraManeckjee, Mrs. Mani Bhagat, (in specs & sari, behind) Miss Roshni Bhagat, Mrs. Freny Anklesaria, & Rony Dick. Sitting rear row: Miss. Beroz Daruwala, Miss Tanaz Bhagalia, Miss Diana Daruwala, Miss. Peris, Miss. Alice, Miss Dinaz Bhagat (Large collar frock) Master Neville Dick, Master Firdoz, Master Tubin, Master Freddy Bhagalia Children front row (from left to right): Master Zubin Patel (looking down), Miss Goolnaz Dick, Miss. Monaz Patel, Master Farhad Dick, Miss Yasmin Sethna, Miss____, Miss Dimple Bhagat (Right hand on cheek).

The year that the first man landed on the moon was my Navjote year. Here, after the traditional bath etc., on stage the two Ervads Sapal and his father ……(with spectacles) are performing the Navjote initiation ceremony. This exact photo is, when the senior Dasturjee was asking me my name.

In the background front row, my Mum Rati, my younger Kaki Seroo, my brother Farokh, my grandmother Goolabai & Daulat aunty.

Behind are Dhunji Amroliwala our cousin, Darayus Merchant & my Dad. In far background are Darabshah Amroliwala, Cawas Pestonji, Sam Kohina & in Black suit is Tehmuras Bhagat amongst others.

Welcome to the Faith

Navjote of Rosy Bhagat

Navjote of Rosy Bhagat, procession going from the holy bath to the ceremony

KATY KOLAHS NAVJOTE 30 may 1968 in Kanpur

Katys navjote from left Khorshed kolah,Adi baba Engineer,Perin Kolah, Dali Kolah & Behram Engineer, Kneeling Baji Kolah
Katy @ no 1 on podium
After the holy bath on Navjote day with cousin whose Navjote was done with katys

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Firoz Pestonji’s Navajote ceremony

My Navajote ceremony and Sapal the Priest is initiating me into the fold. Seated behind is my elder Sera Kaki wife of Cawas Kaka, on right side is Mrs. Young, my school teacher’s daughter …….., Zerin Bhagat (who got married to Rony Dick, 2 days after my Navjote) and little girl in front is Hutokshi Dinshaw, behind her is Armin Dinshaw & little girl behind Zerin is Lily Dinshaw in white frock. Behind the roller shutter is the storage area for stage, chair, tables etc.

Farokh Pes tonji’s Navjote

Rosy Bhagat and Jimmy Rustomji’s Wedding Day ( From Left: Anoo Edalbehram, Anoo Adersai, Zerin Dick, Panoo Dick (Ron’s sister) and Keku Bhagat)

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Celebrating the 100 years of formation of Jhansi Anjuman – 25 September 1994

A huge celebration took place at the time of celebrating the 100 years of the formation of the Anjuman in Jhansi. Important dignitaries and friends came from far and wide & the Bombay Parsi Panchayat also send their emissary to Jhansi. 
the sign for the occasion specially painted
some of the people who took part in the celebration
Kersi Ballaporia, President Rony Dick, Adil bapuna, Gudy Rustomjee, Unknown & Ronny Rustomjee
from left the Little girl unknown, Daulat Billimoria, Mrs Poacha & Mrs Jalnewala
Mrs Mani Anklesaria secretary makes an announcement
right Freny Boyce felicitates Kersi Ballaporia of Gwalior
Part of the crowd for the celeberation
From left Late Goody Rustomjee, BPP Trustee Rustom Anklesaria, Pandit Vishwanath Sharma -MP, Rony & Neville Dick
Jamjoo Jee- Enjoy your meal , typical Parsi greet at meals, on left Freny Boyce greets Rati & late Dara Mistry, while Ronny & Anahita Rustoojee await their turn
Ervad Sapal recounts his eary memories of Jhansi, on his right is Freny Boyce & on his left Rony explains a point to Farokh Pestonji
Rony awaits while Secretary Mani garlands the Bombay Parsi Panchayat representative Mr Rustam Anklesaria
On right part of the local crowd
Dignitaries make an announcement
Part of the crowd
Dignitary signs a document looked on by Goolnaz Sethna & Ervad Sapal
local Parsis from left Dhunji Billimoria, Rony Dick, Late Keki Pestonji, Minoo Maneckjee & late Rusi Icchaporia

Yasmin Chavda & Farhad Dick’s Wedding

25 January, 2005 the wedding of our cousin’s son in Mumbai, as is typical, a Jhansi Parsi wedding is full of great fun, as families, friends and old acquaintances meet and the usual gasp Oh my God. How big your child has grown, last I saw him was so high, denoting 2 feet high.

The laughter rejoicing are loud, dancing and music is a must, photos are fun everyone is expected to participate, young and old. Our family weddings and Navjotes are really great fun, as our daughters in law become our daughters, as once they are married in the family they all are all part of us, no discrimination of any sort is tolerated.

The family allows great freedom latitude, but under a watchful elder’s eye youngsters will always be reined in, if they are close to crossing the decency or manners line. Elders respect is not taught, but acquired automatically and youngsters will all go out of the way to ensure respect of elders, which is paramount and similarly the elders have always showered the younger generations with love and affection.

Behram Icchaporia in Jehangir Hall

January 2006 : Behram Icchaporia, an elder & close friend of my Dad, now retired from the Central Bank of India, is informing Farzana, Mahrukh & Arzan about the good times they enjoyed here.

This is the pavilion of Jehangir Hall & community centre, where lots of Jashans, weddings, Navjotes, plays, Navrooze & Pateti functions took place. At its peak the community numbered over 500 persons & this large open covered pavilion was a central meeting point. My own Navjote was done here. This is probably also the turning point where the seed of forming this website was germinated, as we want to record the events in the lives of Jhansi Parsis for posterity, before the elders library of knowledge and information is lost for ever. Also playing around in picture are Burzin & Shazan

Wedding of Arnaz Rustomjee(Rosy Bhagats daughter)& Mike Faiella

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07 August 2007 Gahambar in memory of Keki B Pestonji

On this day a Ghambhar was held in the memory of Keki B Pestonji and most local Zoroastrians were invited. Behram Icchaporia also gave an impromptu vote of thanks to the Pestonji boys for holding the same and remembered the Good Ol days of his youth with his friends like my father & Jehangir Ogra, Dosu Engineer & his romantic days with his future wife Sweety, the fun they had at the Railway Institute, the dharamsala & the religious classes they had to attend etc. A sumptuous meal and drinks were provided also and everyone loved the gathering, like in the years gone by and old memories were re -kindled

from left Freny Boyce, Rati K Pestonji,Shahbanoo Bhagalia,Daulat Billimoria & Heju Maneckjee
Behram Icchaporia & Faram Merchant
(from left) : Firdosh Bhagalia, Dhunji Billimoria others
Molly her daughter, Pervez Bhagalia, Dilshad F Pestonji

Freyan Zubin Bhada’s Navjote


Farzana with immediate family – from left brother Shazan, mother and father and brother Arzan on right of the photo.
Part of the Family and Friends just before the wedding.


Khushru son of Percy Pestonji son of Dali Bejonji Pestonji married Poureuchistee Irani on 25th January, 2010 at Albless Baug in Mumbai.

Khushru and Poru with his parents Bakhtawar and Percy after the wedding in the morning.
Family grouping at the reception in the evening.
Newly married couple

Mani Bhagat’s Birthday

Mani Bhagat fondly called as “Nani” by everybody being the eldest and the most respected person loved in the Pestonji and Bhagat families, celebrated her 94th birthday in Bombay on January 11th, 2011.


Dimple daughter of Jimmy Keku Bhagat engaged to Jeremiah on 28th December, 2010 in a ceremony with close family members

Newly engaged Dimple and Jeremiah Fernandes
Engaged couple with close family members
Engaged Couple with Dimple’s Father Jimmy Bhagat

Burzin Farokh Pestonji Navjote

Burzin’s Navjote took place in Jhansi after many many years and approximately 65 families and friends from across the world attended the event.

Dale born 07-06-11

ale is second son born to Delna and Hanoz Dadrewala born in Dubai on Friday, 07-06-2011 – Rojdaepdin

Delna is the daughter of Bakhtawar and Percy Pestonji. Percy is the son of Shera and late Dali Pestonji.

In Photo at right, is Dale, Mum – Delna, Brother – Zeus and Dad – Hanoz

Champ in the making

Iyanah born in Kanpur 11-11-11

Iyanah is the daughter of Danish and Diler born in Kanpur on Friday, 11-11-2011. Danish is the daughter of Zenobia and late Adil Bharucha of Puna. Zenobia is from Jhansi the daughter of Shera and late Dali Pestonji.

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